Man (and women´s) best friend

It´s a fact that dogs have a certain impact on most people. For years we have observed that the mutual friendship between the two- and the four legged at Casa Klein is unique.

As people like to live by routines so do dogs and that´s almost a match from heaven when speaking about elder people, and quit a few of our guests kind of bind together their everyday through the habits of our dogs.

And though some say that people only have dogs for company – studies has shown that elder people can benefit from having a dog in many areas.

The results of the study shows that having a dog around you can be a lifestyle factor that lowers the risk of blood clots, atherosclerosis and heart disease. There are so many health benefits form having a dog when getting elder – not to mention the exercise factor.

Having a dog also reduces feelings like loneliness, stress and anxiety – so dogs are always more than welcome at our senior hotel.

However, if you are not at dog person there´s always room for a quiet board game like Gerry and Bente here:

Thanks for reading, CASA KLEIN