Food, Glorious Food


Breakfast is served individually to residents, and while some are early out of the feathers, as lifelong habits can be hard to change, others enjoy that the alarm clock has long since ceased to be a perpetual, everyday start to life in a busy work life.

The mornings are used, among other things, to get bathed by those guests who need some help with it, and we also try to cope with the slightly more practical tasks such as dental and hairdresser visits and foot care, etc. The staff also has morning activity. Night reports must be reviewed, medical records written and observations provided to the physician if necessary. At the same time, blood pressure must be measured before lunch, and often also blood sugar, on those of our guests who need it. We run a kind of 24-hour log of all guests, so that both the doctor and the relatives can follow.


The main meal of the day is served between 7 p.m. 13-13.30, and there is always a food plan for the coming week, which, in addition to information about the menus itself, also gives information about meat types, ingredients and preparation. And while we strive to make the diet healthy and nutritious, our kitchen staff makes a huge effort to make it not look the same and taste the same every day. There are e.g. Many ways to get sirloin are: sirloin with gorgonzolas sauce, sirloin fill with prunes and apples, sirloin stew or simply sirloin as sirloin steak.

At the same time, we often remind ourselves that as we drive according to a food plan that has been worked out according to the rules of good and healthy nutrition, we are also at the same time one large family, where all wishes must be tried. We think about this a lot when planning and preparing food. And for those who are not so excited about following a specific meal plan, we always find an individual solution. No one should go hungry or unhappy from the table at Casa Klein.

Afternoon Coffee

Every day between 7 p.m. 15-16 we get afternoon coffee. It’s one of the highlights of the day, and the time when everyone gets together either outside on the patio, or inside it at the large table in the dining room, if there are holidays, celebrations or birthdays. Coffee and cake – it’s stuck to the program. And everyone is eagerly waiting for what the chefs have found out about delights. We are rarely disappointed. As a rule, there are games, or even a little play in the guests, when the coffee is over. So petaque, ball games, a ride on the exercise bike, or a stroke of chess are almost a daily recurring highlight. We all love the afternoon coffee.


Dinner is served at 18:30. It is often a light meal, and for those who want, there is the opportunity to have the subsequent coffee served in the room. Here you can then enjoy yourself and have some self-time, as it is so modern. All rooms have TVs with Scandinavian channels, and all TVs are positioned so that you can watch TV on the bed. Lying or sitting. Some of our guests get a little dinner brought to the rooms at. 21.30 and a small drink of your choice.

At Casa Klein, we strive for everyone to be treated the same way we would like to be treated when life changes from adult to senior life. And no one has said it more clearly:

“If you want to treat people the same – you have to treat them differently”
– Soren Kierkegaard, philosopher

We try our best to live by that!