The House

Casa Klein is constructed in the old Andalusian style and has 16 single rooms and 2 double rooms for couples, overnight guests or family and friends.

We are a wheelchair-friendly senior hotel and the large communal areas in the main building provide a pleasant environment for our guests on a daily basis. Meals can be taken either in the dining room or in your own room.



All rooms have their own entrance, and their own bathroom and toilet. There is air conditioning which can be self controlled by guests using a remote control, so you can always achieve the desired temperature in your room – heating and cooling. There are televisions in all the rooms, showing foreign TV channels (Other TV channels/packages can be arranged), and of course our guests have the opportunity to bring their own furniture, and to be able to decorate the rooms with personal items, to a certain extent.

All rooms have their own entrance, toilet and shower. The temperature is regulated by remote control in each room, so the desired level of comfort is always achieved. There is a TV showing foreign channels, (more TV services can be arranged). You can also add finishing touches to your room with your own personal items. Guests can also bring their pets.

There is always the opportunity to use the communal facilities, along with other guests and members of staff. If you wish to sit back in comfort and enjoy a delightful morning in the mild southern Spanish climate, then that option is always available to you.

The dog is known as man’s best friend. We have two dogs and they enjoy the company of our guests – and it seems the feeling is mutual.

All our staff speak Skandinavian – English and German, and the doctors attached to Casa Klein are all carefully chosen, and have been working with us for many years.

Each member of the Casa Klein staff has their own area of responsibility and they are all warm, caring people by nature. All our guests at Casa Klein will live in comfort – that is an absolute requirement on my part.

We have several doctors attached to Casa Klein, together with our own nurses who, amongst other things, are responsible for the distribution and control of any medications prescribed by the doctors. We also have our own cleaning staff, who ensure that the Senior Hotel is always hygienic, clean and tidy.

Our chef makes international – though Scandinavian inspired – food that meets our guests’ requirements and which is healthy, nutritious and complies with our doctors recommendations.

Here is one example
We keep a twice daily record, with particular attention given to blood pressure and general well being. The staff can monitor or check your condition at any time during the day. Our computerized medical records mean it is possible to recall conversations with any member of staff.
Even if you have no specific medical problems we will monitor you.

Not everyone at Casa Klein is sick. Several guests are here because they feel secure and are not alone, should anything happen to them. There are always other guests and members of staff around, and you form part of our little family.

Throughout the years we have established a close relationship with high quality dentists, hairdressers and beauticians. You can always feel beautiful and well cared for.

Our guests really do appreciate the opportunity to relax in our large living room, or outside in the beautiful garden, where flowers bloom all year round.

Exercise and movement go hand in hand with our philosophy at the Senior Hotel. Our physiotherapist, Abelardo, comes every day and trains with our guests. You can also use one of our exercise bikes, go jogging or workout in our gym. Trained staff will instruct and assist our guests.


We have a large outdoor swimming pool with a lift for wheelchair patients, so everyone can have a refreshing dip or a daily swim in the hot summer.

At CASA KLEIN, we try to accommodate all the entertainment needs so we can have some exciting and enjoyable hours together. Among the more solid things on the program we have, among other things:

  • Loud reading afternoons
  • music Entertainment
  • Dance
  • Driving (short or long)
  • Card games, chess or something else
  • Ball games and Petaque