The importance of working out

working out

It can’t be repeated enough that working out even in small doses has a very significant impact on our well being.

Coordination, stretching and working on maintaining the balance in general is equal important to all people – young or old.

The daily exercise routines always includes some light outdoor work out bending and stretching the bodies to keep them as fit as possible.

This because exercise and movement goes hand in hand with our philosophy at Casa Klein and that´s why our physiotherapist comes to train with our guests on regular basis. And when required we also make use of our exercise bikes, go jogging or have some more specific workout done in our gym.

But remember, it´s also very important to feed your recovery after a good workout…

Cheers, and greetings from The Southern Spain from all of us to family and friends of our small Casa Klein family. Time for a nap now!