Exercise at Casa Klein

It´s a well-known fact that exercise is vital important through out the whole life. At Casa Klein we provide both maintenance- and rehabilitation training on daily basis.

Cardio training on the walking machine is particularly good for blood circulation and helps strengthen many muscle groups without overloading the joints the same way as swimming does – just without the part about getting wet.  

Erik doing rehabilitation exercise in the parallel bars focusing on movement and balance – under close guidance from our physical trainer No. 1: Lidia.

Next up a set of coordination and strength on the static bike module.
...and then the some stretching for a finish of today's fitness program. 
After training snack: Klaus, Erik and Hans enjoying a glass of apple cider and some fruits.
It is not so much about fancy equipment than getting it done. And some like to sit comfortably while training.
Now time for a round of coordination exercise - training brain- and muscle memory. (Dog meanwhile taking a break, as he believes he´s fine).
As in life - living at Casa Klein sometimes is a mixture of carrot and stick - and Mr. Bond seems to have been doing well in training as Lilian serves a delicious slice of pie and a glass of red wine.


Exercise and movement goes hand in hand with our philosophy. Our physiotherapist comes every day and trains with our guests. And besides our gym facilities we also have a large outdoor swimming pool with a lift for wheelchair patients, so everyone can have a refreshing dip or a daily swim.

There are no excuses for not doing your daily workout at Casa Klein.

Thanks for reading,