La Primavera

Spring Time

Easter is now almost done and we are about to enter one of the most beautiful times of the year – La Primavera.

But before the eastern holiday took over we managed to celebrated Hans´s birthday outside in the sun with cake and coffee. Birthday cake, that is.

For our annual Eastern Lunch our wonderful kitchen staff served a traditional Scandinavian Easter menu: Danish rye bread, herring, egg, shrimps, salmon and orange peel - add to that dark Eastern Beer for the brave ones.
Lars is having a good time trying to write a few words dawn assisted by or long time care taker Flor - and below the Night Staff has been gathered for a Pizza meeting discussing new ideas and the optimizing of present areas of work.
Come April and we will begin spending as much time in our garden or on one of our terraces as indoor - looking so much forward to La Primavera.
Thanks for reading