Even in the time of Covid-19 the guests get a treat!

Even in this time of Covid-19 the highly skilled specialist in pedicure treated our lovely guest in the garden.

The Benefits of Foot Massage

  • By doing foot massage, pain related to aging can be alleviated. Massage therapy can mobilize those tender muscles and joints promoting gradual restoration of the joint. Also, it can help minimize the risk of inflammation around the joint.
  • Improve Blood Circulation-The prime benefit of massage is to improve circulation. Better circulation means blood can distribute nutrients and oxygen promptly all over the body. 

Foot massage involves skin rolling, tapping, pressing and kneading (light). By doing this, the veins are likewise pampered allowing the blood to flow smoothly. Just image if you sit for a long time without moving, this will likely make your legs numb. This means the blood were not able to supply oxygen to your legs.

  • Better Emotional Well-Being-A good foot massage can help them relax including their minds. It can reduce the tension, anxiety and depression. Emotional issues often bother older people, which often result into poor health and lifestyle. Additionally, the sense of companionship whenever senior visits the massage therapist is a great proof that massage has also a positive psychological impact.