Wheelchair friendly Seniorhotel

Sometimes in life you might need a little help.

Perhaps the strenght in your legs is not what is used to be, your balance might have seen better days or maybe you are in a period of rehabilitation.

However, wheelchairs and walkers are a great aid in the everyday life for elder people as they provide some much needed safety and support when moving around.


Of course its important to keep on doing exercises through life – even if you need a stick, a walker or wheelchair by your side. And at Casa Klein – as wheelchair friendly a Seniorhotels come – we have some very fine facilities (and well-trained staff) in terms of training and the general house constructions are all wheelchair friendly.

Aqua Aerobic

There are no doorsteps in the buildings at Casa Klein and all showers and toilets are wheelchair friendly and when entering the the main building we have a slip resistant and and secure wheelchair ramp.
And you will have a hard time finding excuses for not doing your aqua aerobic classes, as we also have have a lift next pool. Well, many of our guests actually just fancies to be cooled down by dipping their toes into the water and enjoying some good company with our staff…


Living with the need for walking assistance is easy at Casa Klein. As long as you do remember to exercise every day. Some of our guests choose to move around by wheelchair for safety reasons and should they forget – we are always around to kindly remind them to do their gym work.


Means business!

Thanks for reading - and should you have questions regarding living at Casa Klein with any kind of moving disabilities feel free to make contact either by e-mail or phone.