Here we go again

Cheers for a fresh calendar!

The year has started of where we left – which means lots of activity.

The ever-ongoing Casa Klein Petanque World Championships is on fire already from the beginning of January. 

It´s hard even to qualify for the preliminary rounds – so the Wheel Chair Gang decided to roam the streets in stead.

First with some shopping.

And then a quick Coffee, because that´s how we like it.

A few days later we went to the beach. It was somewhat cold so we opted to stay indoor in one of the many beach restaurants enjoying a refreshment and the smell of sea water.

And January has already presented us with the first birthday.

At Casa Klein we like to celebrate. We love sitting around the table in our living room having a glass or a meal but whenever our guests feel like going back to their privacy in their rooms – they just leave, because if there´s one thing we respect: It´s the need for privacy.

Enjoy the winter, wherever you are. From all of us at Casa Klein