Hot August

Let there be Music

A visit at a nearby restaurant was suddenly made even more pleasant when to musicians somehow unexpected turned up and played a few numbers. Just one of these small pleasures in life that makes a nice day even better. 

Looks like some one just made a painting for her room.

Because we like art – and also we even do classes in drawing and painting.

However, after a warm day with lots of activities what´s better than a cop of coffee or a cold drink and a piece of freshly made cheese cake out in the garden in the shadows of the trees.   

Hot August

It´s been a hot August. Nothing new there when living in the southern Spain, but luckily all our single- and double rooms have individual air conditioning, so whenever the heat is on we just move indoor press the button. 

The sight changes trough life, we all know that, but sometimes it´s just nice to go out and try new glasses – here Gitte is making a trip to the local optician to have a look at the latest eye wear fashion.

And here is our new resident and friend of the Casa Klein family: Inger. A warm welcome to you! Remember to put on the air con if the exercise gets too much.

August is hot, yes, but there are ways to get around it and we at Casa Klein know how. And bear in mind that after this month one of the best periods of the year is just round the corner and that´s worth waiting for. 

Thanks for reading,