Off to the beach

And off to the beach we go...

A few minutes drive from Casa Klein you find our beloved beach. A place we like to visit all year round. The funny part though, we seem to favor walking along the sea dipping our feet during the winter:

…and seek shelter and shadow in the summer enjoying a light lunch or refreshment:

Fresh fish is always on the menu and Mr. Bond is enjoying his meal.

And Kate says "HELLO!
and Hanns...

The small trips we make during the week are possible for all of our guests even those using a wheelchair or residents who need a little walking assistance. We just take our time – cause that´s what living in this part of the world is all about. 

Enjoy your holidays where ever you are – and feel free to contact CASA KLEIN any time if you want to come have look for your self or if you have any questions about living in our International Senior Hotel:


Thanks for reading.


P.s. oh, and we almost forgot we had one more birthday last month: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GITTE!